Edmundo: O Animal

They say there’s a chimpanzee seeing out its days in a Brazilian zoo that shudders at the mention of the name Edmundo. Its name is Pedrinho, and the talk is if you look deep into the primate’s eyes, it can almost recall the day the footballer took it on a journey of abandon and excess. […]

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Debuts Part 22: Marcus Rashford

CHARLIE PRITCHARD rounds off the Debut series looking back at Marcus Rashford’s Old Trafford introduction He walked out onto the floodlit pitch of Old Trafford without an iota of expectation weighing upon his young shoulders. He left the Theatre of Dreams a matter of hours later as Manchester United’s future; a star in the making, […]

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Debuts Part 20: Ruud van Nistelrooy

Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Manchester United debut was halted due to a serious injury, but he soon made his mark at Old Trafford. SAYANTAN DASGUPTA tells the story There are a few moments in life which leave an inedible mark. These kinds of things generally happen when you are young and the world still excites, surprises and […]

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Debuts Part 14: Nick Culkin

DAN WILLIAMSON looks at the shortest debut of them all, which turned out to be Nick Culkin’s only ever appearance for Manchester United Growing up kicking a ball around the school playground, or dodging cars on the street outside the house, most football-loving kids dream of playing just one second at the top level of […]

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Debuts Part 6: Mark Robins

PHIL WITHALL on Mark Robins’ unforgettable Norwich debut, as the youngster silenced a shocked Highbury A player’s first game for a new club is never an easy one. For the player there are the problems of a new city, a new manager, new teammates to meet and form a bond with, and pressure. For the […]

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Golden Goal Part 17: Teddy Sheringham

MIKE O’NEILL recalls Manchester United going toe-to-toe with the mighty Juventus, and a breakthrough moment for Teddy Sheringham  Football fan? Born in the 80’s? Then you were into Italian football in the 90’s. Gazzetta. Gazza. James Richardson. Channel 4. Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Italian football had it all: the players; the shirts; the chain-smoking coaches. […]

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Golden Goal Part 10: Alan Sunderland

GARY JORDAN looks at Alan Sunderland’s last-gasp winner in 1979’s “Five-minute” FA Cup final. Growing up in the 1970’s live football on the television was something of an event. The drama of the match beamed into your living room for the whole family to enjoy. Children could see their heroes dribble their way into their lives […]

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