Roberto “Pato” Abbondanzieri

With a club like Boca Juniors, that can count on such an illustrious history, you can always find a legend to root for. No two “best XIs” would be the same, and in the goalkeeper position there would be many candidates. From Hugo Gatti, to Carlos Montoya; from Américo Tesoriere to Roberto Abbondanzieri. The latter […]

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Relive: Riquelme

  As is the case with many South American footballers, we often just take up their story once they arrive on this side of the Atlantic. However, this does a disservice to the players’ careers and only tells some of their tale, as is the case with Juan Román Riquelme. The former Argentine number 10’s […]

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Rubén Suñé’s Leap of Faith

Rubén Suñé was desperately looking for a way out. In 1984, two years after the curtain had fallen on his playing career, the former Boca Juniors captain sought to end his own life. Since hanging up his boots severe depression had tightened its grip on Suñé, as he was increasingly unable to imagine life without […]

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