The sharp rise and fall of Josimar

Prior to this summer’s World Cup, Brazil were hit by an injury in a department that was far from its greatest strength. Right back Dani Alves of Paris Saint-Germain damaged knee ligaments in the French Cup final and suddenly the race was on to find his replacement. Despite initial worries, the two faced with replacing […]

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Edmundo: O Animal

They say there’s a chimpanzee seeing out its days in a Brazilian zoo that shudders at the mention of the name Edmundo. Its name is Pedrinho, and the talk is if you look deep into the primate’s eyes, it can almost recall the day the footballer took it on a journey of abandon and excess. […]

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Debuts Part 3: Pelé

The NASL debut of Brazilian icon Pelé was a game-changer for soccer in the United States. STEPHEN BRANDT tells the story Being a football fan, there are exact moments in time that you can point to that changed everything. For supporters of a certain age in the United States, Pelé arriving on American soil is […]

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